Up to PLN 1,000 of a free loan for customers!

The Clearloan brand has prepared a unique gift for our users. Using the Spand Financier comparison engine you can borrow up to PLN 1,000 without additional fees. See the details of this offer!

Clearloan is a brand that has established itself in the non-banking market for good. In spite of its young history reaching only in 2016, it has already managed to form an excellent reputation both among customers and other members of the loan industry. For its activity, the company was awarded with the Business Credibility Certificate and received the Responsible Lender’s certificate granted by the industry quarterly Loan Magazine.

The credibility of the lender also confirms that you belong to the Polish Association of Loan Companies, thanks to which you can be sure that in your business Clearloan is always guided primarily by the good of the client. Currently, this particular lender, specially for our users has prepared a unique loan offer

Moment for 0 PLN in Clearloan – only for users of our comparison engine!

Moment for 0 PLN in Clearloan - only for users of our comparison engine!

In the standard Clearloan offer, each loan taken by the customer has its price. This brand, however, decided to prepare a special offer for those who will submit an application through the Hank Morgan comparator and at the same time use the services of this company for the first time. Such people can borrow up to 1,000 PLN without any fees.

So if you borrow PLN 1,000 in Clearloan with us (eg for 30 days), in a month you will pay exactly the same amount – without the need for additional payment in the form of interest or commission.

The free loan offer in Clearloan, however, has its own conditions. In addition to being a new client to this lender, you must also return the money in accordance with the deadline set in the contract. Each delay is connected with the need to pay interest for late payment.

If you want to use the free Clearloan loan for users of our comparison website, select the amount corresponding to your options and needs, then click on the link below:

A few words about Clearloan’s offer

A few words about Clearloan

Clearloan allows borrowing up to PLN 5,000 with a repayment option up to 30 days. All information on the costs of the liability can be found on the website of the lender – all you need to do is to select the salary parameters that interest you by using the available sliders.

This brand grants loans exclusively online. Therefore, you can fill in a timely application at any time – all you need is a device with Internet access. To further improve the process of applying for a loan, the application has been reduced to a minimum.

The client’s identity verification necessary in such cases, Clearloan performs the help of a special application. This application establishes a secure connection to your bank account, from where it retrieves the data needed to confirm your identity. You do not need to make any verification transfer and wait for it to be posted. Thanks to the application, customer verification is almost instantaneous, and you can receive a loan decision in just a few minutes.



If you have already used free loans in other companies, you know how many benefits this solution offers. In our payday ranking for PLN 0 you will find many institutions that offer such payday loans. Using our browser, you have the chance to borrow for free even more often than others. All you need to do is choose Clearloan and submit an application through us. A free loan of up to PLN 1,000 is within your reach!