Our project, called “Ten Hopes”is an interactive exhibition to show the intercultural perspectives of nine artists + participatory art on ‘hope’ from diverse backgrounds in three different themes: cultural integration, global issues and new art. We hope to reflect the journey of the past ten years of 4482 exposures. The project will work with ten emerging/mid-career artists to present hopes through the lens of their works using various materials and methods under the three broad themes mentioned above. The exhibition was a big part of 4482 as it was a platform for over 300 Korean artists in the UK where we provided them with opportunities to showcase contemporary arts. This is our 10th annual exhibition where we now wish to embark on a new vision of reaching a wider community of emerging artists across the UK serving as a bridge between the UK (+44) and South Korea South (+82). Due to recent global crises, we have seen the need to advocate for “hope” through the medium of art to our audience. The exhibition runs for six days and includes artist talks, workshops and networking events.

The “Ten Hope” exhibition is divided into three sections, and one of the sections is about climate change. One of the artists is Hanna ten Doornkaat who works on the theme of our environmental issues and will not only show the work but also open an artist chat session who can share her ideas about art and the environment and the public to understand the relationship between art and our environment, art can now help the environment. From the exhibition. We hope to express how vital art can change issues such as waste, energy and climate change.

The event is accessible to a wider audience as we plan to hold it at Gallery @ OXO where hundreds of people pass each day. We believe that a single piece of art could convey greater meaning. We would like to encourage and remind our audience of the “hopes” that we can still have in the midst of global crises. Through the work of our nine artists + a participatory artwe want to raise awareness of global issues and how we have identified hopes in them through the work of our collaborators around the world.1661525036_4482-2018_pv01.jpg

Due to the Covid pandemic, 4482 and our artists have also faced considerable risk in encouraging each other to continue the art scene. It was an extremely delicate moment when all of our 4482 artists had to return to Korea or to their homes. We have continued to connect with artists by hosting online artist discussion events throughout the pandemic.


Therefore, for this “Ten Hope” exhibition, we plan to re-engage artists with more opportunities to continue and express their works to be presented to the general public. Nine artists have been selected and invited to the exhibition; some had an ongoing struggle to develop and maintain financially viable careers; others were looking for more international opportunities to pursue their careers in the UK. As 4482 has a long history of supporting Korean artists in the UK, our new vision and work should help a wider range of artists, including non-Koreans. We would further like to serve as a bridge between two countries, the UK and South Korea, to actively showcase artists from different cultural backgrounds or sectors by collaborating through exhibitions like this. We would also like to provide a space for these artists to work together in order to better understand what a career in the cultural sector or in the wider creative industries might look like and to help all those who embark on such a career to stay in the sector and to flourish. their potential, whatever their background and situation.

Through this project, we hope to reach three main audiences: artists, art lovers and the public. We have traditionally worked closely with many Korean artists who graduated early in the UK. We will continue to reach out to them to help them develop their experience in exhibitions, show their work outside of the university as professional artists, and need help speaking in public. Additionally, we want to raise awareness for new early/mid-career artists in the UK.

About Us

4482 is an intercultural non-profit organization founded by a group of Korean artists in London. They found that emerging Korean artists based in the UK needed to raise awareness of their works, which were heavily influenced by their cultural heritage and British art education. We initially wanted to act as a bridge for Korean artists to be represented in the UK as there were very few opportunities for them as a minority/foreign group in 2007. Since then we have collaborated with over 300 Korean artists. Even the Korean Cultural Center in the UK and the Korean Education Foundation have been very supportive of our work. Due to the recent popularity of Korean culture, we have contributed to global art awareness through artist talks, exhibitions, and seminars.

Prior to Covid-19 we held a number of exhibitions at OXO Bargehouse since 2007 where we collaborated with 40-65 artists for each annual exhibition event.1661524805_4482-2019_entrance01.jpgCOVID-19 has greatly affected our work. We encountered a new challenge to support artists as the majority of them left during the pandemic. Thus, we have developed a new vision of embracing a wider range of emerging artists who relate to the UK/Korea. This project will serve as a turning point in our work where we serve as a two-way bridge working with different artists and entities. One of the key elements of this project is to involve artists and wider audiences in different themes of the art world. We not only help artists to create a work, but we also give them more opportunities to continue their work within the framework of society and to think creatively in a cross-cultural sense.

4482 is made up of volunteers from various backgrounds. We have collaborated with various curators based in London. For this exhibition, we are working with a senior curator from the Kingston Museum and an art advisor specializing in Korean museums, heritage and arts. They will help select ten artists capable of reflecting the message we want to convey. They will also continue to guide early-career artists as mentors.

We have traditionally partnered with a number of entities such as Hanmi Gallery, Soohoh Gallery, Maguro Group, Korean Cultural Center UK, Korean Education Foundation, STORY iN DESIGN and Photoredline. While we hope to target broader artistic communities for the 2022 exhibition, including emerging non-Korean artists, these entities are happy to continue their collaboration with us, including providing exhibition space and financial contribution. We further target UK-based galleries and collectors to collaborate with us, as we hope to provide more opportunities for emerging UK-based artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to develop and increase their presence with the general public.

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