A contemporary art exhibition will arrive in Wolverhampton next week

Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton School of Art will hold events

British Art Show 9 will feature the work of 34 artists whose works explore class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

They will be presented recognizing the cultural history of Wolverhampton which was shaped by the diverse populations who came to work and live in the city after the war.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton School of Art will organize events and work with creative partners and schools, colleges and community groups to engage them.

The art gallery houses one of the largest collections of art on “The Troubles” outside of Northern Ireland.

It also collects works related to the British Black Arts movement which has its roots in the city as many of its members studied at the Wolverhampton School of Art.

As part of the BAS9 exhibition at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, there will be a capsule exhibition of selected works from his collection.

Councilor Stephen Simkins, Deputy Leader of Wolverhampton City Council and Cabinet Member for the City’s Economy, said: “This is a really exciting partnership with the university, and we are really delighted to host British Art Show 9.

“The prestigious exhibition will generate huge benefits for the region, not just the local economy, and will make a huge contribution to the local arts community and creative industries in the West Midlands.”

Brian Cass, Senior Curator, Hayward Gallery Touring, added: “We are delighted to be working with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the University of Wolverhampton School of Art on British Art Show 9.

“The collections and histories of these two iconic institutions provide important context for BAS9.

“We hope that the extraordinary range and variety of outstanding work from BAS9 will give all who live in and visit Wolverhampton the opportunity to engage with the most exciting contemporary art produced in the UK today.”

Maggie Ayliffe, Director of the Wolverhampton School of Art at the University of Wolverhampton, said: “We are really excited to have BAS9 coming to Wolverhampton and what’s really exciting about the show is that it’s about of the most diverse group of artists ever represented in the exhibition to date.

“It’s really important in relation to him coming to Wolverhampton because it’s such a diverse city.

“I hope people will come to this show and actually see their lives and issues represented through art in a meaningful way.

“What we want is for people who wouldn’t normally come to art school or the art gallery, to come and see how artists present ordinary, everyday issues that people can relate to. .”

There will be over 60 events to visit from Saturday January 22 to Sunday April 10.

For more information on British Art Show 9 and the events on offer in Wolverhampton, visit britishartshow9.co.uk.

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