A new launch is coming to the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery

Photo credit: Horsham District Council

Later this month, the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery will open a new viewing experience.

A re-exhibition of the Medieval Gallery at the Horsham Museum and Art Gallery is set to launch a new exhibition.

Later this month guests will be able to visit and discover key stories about the formation of Horsham and the district.

On October 22, Shipley’s reliquary will be temporarily placed in the Horsham Museum.

The artefact is on loan to Horsham from the Shipley Parochial Church Council.

After the Battle of Hastings in 1066 William the Conqueror divided Sussex into six vertical segments with Horsham under the control of William de Braose who quickly built Bramber Castle to control his lands.

In the years following the Norman Conquest, Horsham grew steadily, becoming a borough and market town by the time control passed to the family of Mowbray (later the Duke of Norfolk) in the late 1300s .

The Horsham Museum currently holds few artefacts from this period in its collection, so the reliquary provides an opportunity to bring Horsham and the district to life in Braose’s time.

Visitors to the museum will be able to learn about the development of Horsham and the district, and the development of castles across the district.

Other artefacts on display from the medieval period include the Horsham Hoard, a series of vessels, most likely for domestic use, discovered in the west street of Horsham in Victorian times and a late medieval signet ring, recently donated to the Museum through the Portable Antiquities Program.

Cabinet Member of Horsham District Council for Leisure and Culture Cllr Roger Noel says:

“The Shipley Reliquary will be one of our museum’s most historically significant exhibits and will attract visitors from all over the world to Horsham. I am very pleased with the long-awaited unveiling of this fabulous artefact and encourage everyone to come to the Museum to see it for themselves”.

Admission is free to the Horsham Museum & Art Gallery.


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