‘Aaj Rang Hai’ an art exhibition by Aashima Mehrotra held at IIC, Delhi

An exclusive visual art exhibition “Aaj Rang Hai” by Ashima Mehrotra is held at the India International Center, Main Art Gallery in New Delhi.

The exhibition was opened by Judge KS Ahluwalia (President of the Railway Claims Tribunal), Ashutosh Gangal (General Manager of the Northern Railway) and Dinesh K Patnaik (General Manager of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations).

Aashima Mehrotra, a renowned visual artist said: “She has always been motivated by art since her childhood. Art was his passion, his talent and his flair for art were recognized by his father, his teachers and even his neighbors ”.

As she loved art, painting was her first choice to express her artistic ideas. Ashima was convinced that working with visual forms would be the best approach to shape her ideas. ‘

In fact, Aashima has been a public servant and has worked with Indian Railways for two decades. Her dedication to art drove her to continue practicing the art and she gradually became known as a visual artist who successfully honed and matured her painting skills under the guidance of famous painter Shri Vir Munshi. It was very important that Aashima’s professional life as a bureaucrat helped her to be an artist in a meaningful way. Her work in railways and tourism allowed her to draw inspiration from the diversity of Indian cities and traditional art forms and today she is a well-known visual artist.

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