Activist hails Sefton open art exhibition

David Barton urges people to support annual Sefton Open art exhibition

Written by David Barton

A leading Sefton heritage campaigner is proposing that more people participate in and support the annual Sefton Open art exhibition in a bid to boost the prospects for arts grant funding and the borough as a whole.

The Atkinson Arts Gallery houses over 3,000 pieces dating from the 17th to 21st centuries, including specialist 18th century portrait collections. These are broadly covered by three main categories: Fine Arts; Sefton’s History and The Botanic Gardens Museum plus the new Art UK Shop which started in 2020.

All money raised from sales of reproductions and prints supports ongoing collections care, public engagement and learning programs.

The Sefton Open has taken place annually since 2013 after a lengthy renovation and restoration of the old building and allows people of all ages, including local community artists, to exhibit and display their work for sale. Pieces range from streetscapes and local views to historical figures.

David Barton, former Dukes Ward councilor covering the city center and West Birkdale, believes the Sefton Open is a brilliant way to showcase the skills and talents of many aspiring and accomplished artists while making a practical difference to the region economically in the long term. if so supported.

The community campaigner, whose ultimate goal has been and remains the restoration of Sefton, raised the topic before in 2014, but now wants to see a greater effort made to encourage more people to participate directly or even buy a painting. He says it’s a great way to use the long-established community center and re-emphasize the importance of traditional vernacular architecture which is a fundamental strength for the area.

Mr Barton said: “The Sefton Open is an invaluable commodity that has become a highly respected part of the fabric of the community for almost a decade now.”

He says: ‘By being able to highlight the many different acute abilities of so many wonderful individuals and groups, across the Sefton area, it has also had the benefit of boosting the confidence of those more discerning people. who otherwise might not have exhibited their work before.

“I have purchased two prints myself in the past few years, I have been amazed at the sheer quality evoked in these beautiful works of art and would encourage anyone who is or can still contribute a painting to the exhibition to create more iconic designs of the magnificent traditional architecture of Southport and the borough.

Mr Barton has chosen to credit a plethora of community groups who have participated in the Sefton Open to date by urging others to support or get involved in a future exhibition:

  1. Southport Paddle Club
  2. Formby Artists Association
  3. coastal creative
  4. Kew Art Club
  5. Sefton Arts Club
  6. Sefton Artists
  7. South Sefton Artists
  8. Southport Contemporary Arts
  9. Southport Watercolor Lessons
  10. Atkinson Arts Center – Curator, Management and Staff

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