Allan Hancock College Ann Foxworthy Gallery presents works of art by Rafael Perea De La Cabada

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Allan Hancock College features works by artist Rafael Perea De La Cabada. The show is called “Tiempo Sin Palabras/Time Without Words”.

The exhibition features works of ceramics, paintings and more.

“Rafael has a number of works of his paintings and drawings. He has prints which include woodcuts, intaglios, he has beautiful sculptural pieces and installations which we have in the hall and also pieces under glass here, some of his ceramic pieces. And they really express a beautiful emotion and his passion not just for culture, but for global discourse. And you can see some of the wonderful techniques of abstraction and expression that he used in his works. It really is a wonderful exhibition,” said Jill Thayer, acting director of the Allan Hancock College gallery.

Perea says it means a lot to see his works on display for people to enjoy.

“You present your background and your background to the student population, to people who are thinking about a career, who are thinking about their own background. And I think it’s important to be able to see what someone has been doing for many years. And in this case, I chose the path of the arts. I chose to do this and it started when I was 14, for example. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I love the arts and I love them. Yes, the ability to express our times through the visual world,” said artist Rafael Perea De La Cabada.

Allan Hancock College also thinks it’s good for students to feel inspired by the art exhibit.

“I’m also an art history teacher, so I was able to bring my class. The other teachers have, you know, they bring their classes too. And so it’s really wonderful to talk about contemporary discourse, what’s happening in the art world, what’s happening in our culture and how that reflects their everyday world. And it was really a great experience to hear feedback from the students on how art affects them. So it’s really wonderful, said Jill Thayer.

The art exhibition runs until December 15 at the Ann Foxworhty Galley.

“You can see the work online. You can see the work you value in a visual image, but it’s not the same as being in front of a room. It’s not the same as me talking to you face to face. So I think it’s important that people visit the exhibition and support the gallery and the college,” said Rafael Perea De La Cabada.

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