Anti-capitalist snake exhibit heading to the Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Visitors to a Perth museum will be able to explore themes of climate change and capitalism in a new exhibit – which will feature a large inflatable snake.

The Perth Museum and Art Gallery will present two installations by Glasgow artists Walker and Bromwich over the next six months.

These will take the form of sculptures and artwork and each will explore themes surrounding the climate crisis, extinction, capitalism, protest, rituals and belief systems.

Walker and Bromwich will create a new iteration of their processional sculpture, The Serpent of Capitalism, which will be on display at the museum from September 9.

A large-scale inflatable snake will occupy the museum, challenging dominant capitalist belief systems.

The snake will be accompanied in the gallery by a series of drawings that re-imagine the changing world around us and retrace the formation of societies, religions, ideas and beliefs.

As The Serpent of Capitalism explores the most significant perspectives of belief systems and political structures, the installation The Shadow World, also on display at the museum from July 24, focuses on local habitats and biodiversity.

A large mobile will hang in this space, containing stylized hand-drawn shapes of endangered Scottish mammals added to the Red List.

These creatures will cast shadows on the walls of the gallery space, making visitors wonder if we want to be left alone with the hazy memories of these animals.

Visitors will be encouraged to question the structures and behaviors that contribute to environmental loss and to start imagining positive alternatives.

To accompany the installations, and with a broader focus on climate change, Culture Perth and Kinross will lead The Perth and Kinross BioBlitz, in association with the Tay Biodiversity Partnership.

A BioBlitz is a growing, locally-focused activism project that encourages young people and families to create data on the different species found in their local environment to help track future changes.

Images captured by animal cameras installed near the Perth Museum and Art Gallery will be on display in the museum, along with images taken by the public.

The images will reveal the wildlife that can be found within walking distance of the museum to entice visitors to learn about the animals they share the city with.

Alongside BioBlitz, a program of events, conferences and projects will accompany the exhibitions to give young people the tools and agency to create or bring about change.

The Shadow World runs from July 24, 2021 to January 30, 2022, and The Serpent of Capitalism runs from September 9 to November 14, 2021.

Both exhibitions are free to enter.

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