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The Iron Sky art exhibition has opened at the National Museum of Art Gallery in Kyiv. It will run until September 25. The event is chaired by Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Yuriy Vakulenko.

Artwork I Can’t See by Yuriy Syvyryn, Iron Sky Exhibition. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Klitina)

In this ongoing war, everything is put to the test literally and figuratively: the country, the culture, the people, the cities, the ideas, the relationships and the technology. Thus, on the one hand, the fragility of existence is reinforced. On the other hand, the desire for protection and reinforcement grows. To preserve themselves, the Ukrainians need not only “nerves of steel”, but iron weapons and an “iron sky” of protection against Russian air attacks.

Artwork The Madonna of Borodyanka by Maryana Honcharenko at the Iron Sky exhibition. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Klitina)

Showing the trappings of war and the terrible reality that resulted from brutal aggression, the exhibition bears witness to the power and indomitable Ukrainian people, who build an iron sky in artistic projects and hold the enemy back. price of incredible courage and autonomy. -sacrifice.

“Iron sky” is a metaphor for the fact that God is still in the world, and he covers the enemy’s Ukraine with angel wings. This is the iron spirit of the Ukrainian armed and air forces, which has already turned into “iron” from Russian “hail” and “hurricanes” (respectively the launch systems of Soviet-era Grad and Uragany missiles). An “iron rain” falls on Ukraine and germinates its desire for freedom.

Artwork Coal by Anton Lohov at the Iron Sky exhibition. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Klitina)

“Sky of iron” is a noble thought that maintains morale in difficult times and faith in the continued provision of military aid, which would help close the skies over Ukraine and create a “dome of iron” for protection against air attacks.

Nash Myas artwork by Andriy Sydorenko, Iron Sky exhibition. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Klitina)

The iron sky is Ukrainian, and the art of Ukraine turned out to be “piercing”.

Today, art inspires, invigorates and reinforces Ukraine’s victory.

Artwork Siren sound by Yuriy Dudchenko, exhibited at the Iron Sky exhibition in Kyiv. (Photo credit: Aleksandra Klitina)

Curators: Anton Lohov, Andriy Sydorenko.

Artists: Nazar Bilyk, Maryana Honcharenko, Yuriy Denisenkov, Andriy Dudchenko, Anton Lohov, Yevhen Prymachenko, Yuriy Syvyryn, Viktor Sydorenko, Andriy Sydorenko, Oleh Tistol, Mykyta Tsoi, Andriy Yakovenko.

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