Artist Sisley-L’s NFT Artwork Invited to LA 2022 Art Exhibition

A work by Sisley-L, “Incidental Path Series 2014”, acrylic on canvas (Collector belonging to Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles)

Sisley-L, a global artist and NFT expert who rose to fame by winning the highest bid for a young artist at a Christie’s auction, participates in one of the top 3 art exhibitions in the world, the LA ART Show.

In the past, she participated in an invitational exhibition at the SAATCHI Gallery in London, with which the world-renowned artist Damien Hirst is associated.

The LA ART Show 2022 begins with a VIP preview party on January 19 and runs until January 23, with 120 galleries from 23 countries around the world attending to see the current state of contemporary art. It’s the first major art exhibition of the new year.

According to an LA Art Show official, “The various works of contemporary art that will be exhibited at the LA Art Show in 2022 will raise awareness of the seriousness of the environment and global warming. We will encourage you to do so.

The main theme of this year’s LA ART Show is one of the main reasons Sisley-L is attending. On the occasion of “World Bee Day”, a campaign of exhibitions and art that seriously deals with global warming and global environmental problems is being prepared.

Among the invitations to the 2022 LA Art Show is Sisley-L’s NFT portraiture. The piece is of particular interest because it is a portrait of none other than Los Angeles queen of culture, Eva Chow. It gets a lot of industry attention where a digital portrait of Eva Chow, a super rich and famous called “Queen of LA Culture” and “Bee” by Sisley-L was combined to form an artwork NFT. On this, Sisley-L said: “I am inspired by people. So meeting new personalities and capturing their energy on the web is a careful and sensitive challenge for me. And Eva Chow, who I met recently, felt like art in itself. When talking with Eva Chow, the conversation felt so natural that I felt like I was “talking in the art space”, so it was easy to sublimate her into my own art, especially an NFT digital portrait .

At this art exhibition, she said, she will also unveil for the first time a series of abstract paintings and a series of bees that she has been working on. Sisley-L’s most recent and interesting portrait is that of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Currently it is in the possession of the British Embassy and the timing of its release to the public is being coordinated. Sisley-L’s artwork – “Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom” – which was due to be unveiled at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday party in May 2020, has been officially closed due to COVID- 19. As preparations are underway for its release in 2022, it is once again attracting attention. Eva Chow’s portrait, a reinterpreted NFT digital portrait, premiered at the 2022 LA Art Show, and it will be fascinating to compare the two pieces.

Artist Sisley-L has held solo exhibitions in countries around the world including New York, Hawaii, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Malaysia. She is an artist who has become famous both at home and abroad, where she has painted portraits of leaders from all walks of life.

Sisley L’s invitation to the LA Art Show is good news for domestic and foreign art collectors. Presales are already in progress, Sisley L. will donate all the profits from this event to help the most disadvantaged.

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