Artists prepare for an art exhibition

More than fifty PNG artists from across the country are expected to participate in the 6e-8e August at MAT. To date, 40 applications have been received for the competition.

The exhibition will include prizes for the best painting and sculpture, as well as the best female artist and the best young artist with lucky door prizes for all those who buy the arts.

The exhibition comes at a time when artists are in difficulty. The lack of tourists, due to travel restrictions linked to COVID19, has limited opportunities to sell their works. This exhibition will allow artists and buyers to meet. The artists will create works on the theme “Movement, complexity and disturbance”.

Nanias Maira is an artist promoting his Kowma culture from Ambunti district in East Sepik province. He has been practicing art since the age of nine. He sculpted birds and other creatures using clay from his village’s river bank. He had the help of his grandfather to dry the clay sculptures. When he was lucky, tourists would buy his works of art when they visited his village. This inspired him to pursue his artistic talent.

“My grandfather and father helped me with a stronger clay which is used to make clay pots, so my models were a bit stronger. Then later I started painting my models, ”Maira explained.

Maira has lived in Port Moresby since 2014 and has been very successful in learning to paint with acrylic paint and selling her work. However, with the difficulty of COVID-19, his job has suffered and he wants to return home.

Maira dreams of creating his own art studio in Wewak, perhaps on the heights of Kreer where he currently has a house, and where he will be able to benefit from the upcoming creation of the “Somare Museum”. His vision is to teach the young people of his tribe how to make art using their own local culture and tradition. He had started with his own children. He will exhibit the work of art of his eldest son.

Jane Wena has been an artist for as long as she can remember. It is a family talent and a lifestyle activity. Art has taken her to exhibitions in Germany and Brunei as well.

“I was painting and selling as a small business until COVID-19 came along and completely ruined our lives. Many of us depend and depend more on our sales of arts and crafts. But when there was a lockdown, they prevented the public from moving and so many artists among us were in a difficult situation, “lamented Wena.

Considering the effect of COVID-19, the art Wena wants to display is one of the current situation showing the terror caused by the COVID-19 virus and the reckless attitude of the public towards the risk posed by the virus. .

Anthony Mason, a member of MAT, is also a painter and artist, and explains that the event was planned as a break for artists from the COVID-19 pandemic which is choking their market.

“So the opening night is the 6e August and you can purchase tickets online or at the Waterfront. Opening night will be quite an event, so we’ll have some music here. Saturday 7e and Sunday 8e, the exhibition will also be open, ”Mason said.

Prices will vary as there are renowned and experienced artists who already have their artwork in galleries. There are also the youngest who are just getting started.

Each individual can enter a painting or sculpture or both, and they should have between 50 and 60 works of art on display throughout the three-day event.

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