Bombay Art Society Presents 130th Annual All India Art Exhibition

The Bombay Art Society (BAS), founded in 1888, one of the oldest non-profit art institutions in the Asian subcontinent promoting the visual arts for 132 years, presents its 130th annual art exhibition.

The annual BAS Art Exhibition, the only art exhibition in India that has been held continuously for 134 years, except for a few years during WWI and WWII, is seen as a talent hunt from the country. The 240 artworks hand-selected from a total of 2500 entries received from all over India through a highly refined selection process involving art experts at every step of the selection are showcased in this exhibition.

The inauguration of the annual art exhibition is scheduled at 5:00 p.m. on March 1 at Jehangir Art Gallery by Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra and Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of JSW Foundation in the presence of hundreds of artists.

Lakshman Surybhan Chavan Painting, Swayveden. 48 x 48 inches acrylic on canvas.

The Bombay Art Society has launched Roopdhar Lifetime Samman in the field of visual arts in the past seventeen years. This year we congratulate one of the great artists and Shri Ravi Paranjape with the Roopdhar Lifetime Achievement Award which carries a quote and a silver Lakh Rupee as a token of love. The Roopadhar Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Shri Ravi Paranjape on March 1, 2022 during the inauguration of the annual art exhibition.

Mangesh Patil, who works in a realistic style and excels in portraiture, won this year’s Bendre-Husain Fellowship, while Laxman Chavan’s acrylic canvas in semi-abstract language won him the Lalibhai Dharamdas Bhambhani Fellowship. The Sandhya Misra Fellowship is awarded to Swapnesh Vaigankar for his unique works. A perfect fusion of visual arts elements.

Painting by Sagar Kamble, Black Rain. 48 x 48 inches, mixed media on canvas.

Black Rain by Sagar Kamble in mixed media on canvas caught the judge’s eye, making him the winner of this year’s highest award, the Governor’s Award which carries rupees one lakh in cash and certificate.

The Bombay Art Society Gold Medal, which carried fifty-one thousand rupees in cash, a certificate and a gold medal, is awarded to Vikas Malhara, for his magnificent abstract work. Works by Ketan Khutle, Sheelvanth Yadgiri, Vinod Chavan, Rohit Bawadekar, Nema Ram, Basavaraj Achar KR and Harshwaradhan Devtale submitted for the exhibition eclipse them and own various awards which will be presented on March 1, 2022 at Jehangir Art Gallery.

This year, the winning entries include artists from various cities in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, while the award-winning art students come from many cities from Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and West Bengal.

The annual All India Art Exhibition has been a prominent art event on the calendar of visual arts events in the country since its inception in 1888; today it has taken the form of a mega art event for the artist community in the western parts of India… not only in the western parts of India but it is a big event for the artists from the eastern and southern regions of India as the Bombay Art Society has been receiving exhibition entries as far away as Delhi, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala for many years.

This year, 48 artist prizes in categories like painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography as well as Bendre-Husain scholarship, Lalibai Dharamdas Bhambhani scholarship and Sandhya Misra scholarship are awarded to young artists.

Amol Pawar Painting, Old Lane Panvel. 12 X 18 Inches Watercolor On Paper.

The Bombay Art Society Fellowships and Awards have been a great source of inspiration in the formative years of many of today’s master painters like JP Ganguly, Ravi Shankar Rawal, H. Majumdar, Amrita Sher-Gil, SL Haldankar , K. K Hebbar, NSBendre, Badri Narayan, AA Almelkar, SH Raza, KH Ara, Mohan Samant, Jatin Das, Prabhakar Kolte and many other younger established names. The artistic journey of many renowned Indian artists has, at one time or another, benefited from the munificence and magnificence of the Bombay Art Society’s past.

The Bombay Art Society (BAS) has been granted land by the state government of Maharashtra and a huge symbol of grand architecture stands today on this 10,000 sq m plot. feet area at Bandra Reclamation, opp Hotel Rangsharada. The art complex housing three art galleries, an amphitheater, art book library is an important addition to Mumbai’s arts and cultural infrastructure, providing artists and art lovers with the much needed space to art exhibitions, art residencies, film screenings, live demonstrations, presentations, conferences, workshops, educational activities, etc. in Mumbai.

Where: Jehangir Art Gallery,

When: 5:00 p.m., from March 1 to March 07, 2022

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