BSU Professor Presents ‘Worth Repeating’ Solo Art Exhibition

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Talley Gallery, located in Bridgeman Hall at Bemidji State University, has been a professional art gallery since the 1940s. This gallery is housed in the Technology, Art and Design Department, also known as TAD. This year, Associate Professor Mitchell Blessing presents a solo exhibition titled “Worth Repeating”.

Blessing shares that he has always worked in a way where he has reclaimed and sought out the beauty of trash and thrown objects, whether it’s dust on the floor or the scraps around him.

For Blessing, this exhibition is more of a collecting process by not only collecting materials in order to display this collection, but by being a collection of thoughts and ideas that are meticulously placed in his art.

Blessing says: “[t]everything takes organization and process, it also takes memory and practice. Some things we say and do are worth repeating and some are not. We often do and say things without thinking deeply about them and their consequences. These days it is becoming more and more relevant to throw away things that we shouldn’t. “

Because art galleries are spaces of meditation by nature, Blessing wanted the gallery to be a space where people could be captured in the moment. In doing so, he purposely placed words on the wall with unusual spacing in order to “slow people down”.

The exhibition will be in BSU’s Talley Gallery until Thursday, October 7.

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