CAFN opens exhibition of works of art by the late Noor Mukadam


ISLAMABAD: An exhibition of artwork by Noor Mukadam was held on Friday at the Art Gallery of the Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA).

The exhibition showed that the deceased was a prolific painter who had painted different aspects of life, but her real strength was calligraphy.

Participants learned that the late painter also participated in a painting competition where her work was appreciated at all levels, the painting of her in this competition continues to be part of the polyclinic hospital.

Noor Mukadam was shot dead in a house at F-7/4 on July 20. Police arrested Zahir Jaffer at the scene of the crime. The crime has since gained national attention as the latest example of horrific violence against women in Pakistan.

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According to his father Shaukat Ali Mukadam, his passion for Islam associated with his creative soul is expressed through calligraphy. Noor used this artistic medium to convey the voice of the divine in a unique and beautiful way. “The purpose of this exhibition was to share Noor’s artistic endeavors with the public, honor his memory and fulfill his dreams as his potential was stolen at a young age,” he said.

Shaukat Mukadam said that although her daughter is no longer, her works still reflect how innocent she is.

He said that at a very young age she began to express herself through paintings and that she used to isolate herself in her bedroom while doing her artwork. Later, she would show the work to family members when it was completely finished.

“She had a particular fondness for calligraphy. She painted 99 names of Allah in her calligraphic work. It is his legacy in the form of calligraphy that reflects his love for Allah, ”Mukadam said.

According to him, his color palette in his paintings is a glaring example of his mastery of the work of art. Through her paintings, she tells the world that he respects the lives and honor of others, he added.

Jamal Shah, CEO of PNCA and renowned artist, told this scribe that Noor’s work is a reflection of his own personality. He said her creative work portrayed that she was a sensitive soul.

“Her work is clear proof that she had immense potential as a prolific painter. She didn’t have a formal education in painting, but she still painted beautifully, ”he said. “She was also very interested in charitable work which was another dimension of her personality.”

He said his artwork is a reflection of the reality that one can do anything productive if he / she wants to.

According to an article published on this occasion, Noor Mukadam’s work is a combination of experimental and traditional themes of transformation, adaptation and the concept of “grace”.

Visitors, mostly close friends of Noor, also commented on the specially displayed whiteboard in the gallery to write comments about him.

“No, you have left a great void in our lives, but your legacy of compassion will live on in our hearts forever,” said one visitor. Another visitor said on the whiteboard, “No, you were the nicest, sweetest, most caring person I have ever known. I love you and I miss you a lot.

People from all walks of life showed keen interest in Noor’s artwork and highly appreciated his paintings.


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