CDA President inaugurates an exhibition of works of art

Famous and renowned artists in the country have donated their works to help those affected by the recent floods in Pakistan and assist in their rehabilitation. The exhibition of these works of art began Wednesday at the F-9 Park Art Gallery and will continue until October 9. The exhibition was opened by the chairman of the Capital Development Authority, Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis. On this occasion, famous painters, artists of the country and a large number of citizens also participated.

On the last day of the exhibition, these works of art will be auctioned, after which the money received will be donated to the Prime Minister’s relief account to provide all possible assistance to flood victims. He added that the Capital Development Authority was taking all possible measures to help flood victims.

The President, Captain (Retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus said on the occasion that this art gallery is an excellent platform for women and young people from where they can transmit the culture and civilization of the country of Pakistan to the next generation, especially those living in other countries. He added that the CDA administration will continue to organize such exhibitions in the future.

He added that any city is not made only by the construction and repair of highways, parks or streetlights, but has its own culture, civilization and way of life and no society can achieve its position without cultural identity.

Captain President (Retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus further stated that Islamabad apart from being a beautiful city also has a distinct and unique identity in terms of civilization and culture.

He added that our artist community has a bigger role in showcasing art and culture.

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