Delaware Art Museum launches new outdoor art curation program

Wilmington will soon have new conservators to help restore the city’s public art.

The Delaware Art Museum is launching a new public art curator training program next spring.

Six to eight people will be trained with a professional art conservator to care for approximately 30 pieces of outdoor public art.

Benét Curatorial Project Manager (ben-AYE) Burton said the six-month program is designed to work with people from diverse backgrounds to revitalize Wilmington’s public works of art.

“Conservation is a very intensive skill to learn. So we wanted to give them enough time to lay the groundwork for the hands-on, on-site training they’ll get, but also to develop those skills throughout the program,” Burton said.

She adds that the Museum will prioritize hiring people of color, those on the behavioral health spectrum and those facing economic hardship.

Burton hopes to see the program expand statewide.

“There is so much public art in Wilmington alone, but also in all three counties of Delaware. We hope that with this pilot project, we will lead by example and we can get more funding so that we can have more public art curators outside of Wilmington to maintain our state’s beautiful outdoor galleries,” a- she declared.

The program will launch in the spring in partnership with the Creative Vision Factory in Wilmington.

It is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act.

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