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TWO YOUNG Rwandan visual artists Thierry Muhirwa and Family Love Nduwimana seek to bring their artistic brains together in a joint art exhibition scheduled for August 12 at Ipfundo Art Gallery.

The duo organized the art exhibition dubbed “Ngomibanje” to express types of feelings, thoughts and/or any idea that a viewer would be hesitant to see.

“It is an exhibition with disparate themes, in which one can be intrigued by one work of art or another without the same proposal,” Nduwimana explained in an interview with The New Times.

According to Nduwimana, the exhibition was named “Ngomibanje” to show the merit of the word “Ingoma” itself since the beginning of the Rwandan monarchy.

“It was a highly symbolic object for all Rwandans since the king’s reign. He served as a supremacy to the kingdom. It was also a crowd-pleaser for Rwandans at ceremonies, so far,” he said.

Regarding the name of the art exhibition, he said, it was to attract the attention of insiders and foreigners in this country, to showcase the mastery of Rwandan artists of this generation. just as “Ingoma”, which loosely translates to “drum”, was always considered a valuable tool in the history of Rwandan society.

He said that gaining such insight from him and his colleague was all that mattered in bringing uniqueness to the display of their artwork.

For almost all the exhibitions ever launched, it was “different art styles, same art themes” exhibitions that took place and so they wanted to make a unity in theirs, creating dissimilar themes and ideas in his dissimilar art style so that every viewer can get close to any other artwork created and interpret it in his own way according to his mood.

“An anxious or sad person might get relief by seeing a piece that could relax the viewer and change the mood,” Nduwimana explained.

The two artists are also organizing the exhibition with the aim of revealing how the new generation of Rwandans are able to expand art, as Rwanda is well known for abstract art with figurative and Imigongo designs.

“We want to prove the strong presence of skills and extensive experience in the modern world of contemporary art,” he said.


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