Eclectic Embrace art exhibition at Gallery 78, reinvents life in the pandemic and the new normal

Artwork by Vijayaraghavan S

Famous artists from India and Sri Lanka come together to present their works during art exhibition, The Eclectic Embrace, at Galerie 78. The pieces reflect the themes of the uncertainties and suffering caused by the pandemic.
Contemporary artists featured include Atul Mahajan, Anirban Mishra, Goutam Pal, J Joseph Dhayalan, Monty Senarath Colombage, Sanjeewa Liyanage, Subrata Ghosh, Tanmay Santra, Tapasi Nath and Vijayaraghavan S. Through the works, artists aim to unravel intriguing challenges. of life . Art gives voice to all the challenges and changes that people go through, while trying to move forward and adapt to the new reality during the pandemic.
Elaborating on the show, Vijayaraghavan S, a visual artist focused on digital art, video art, stop-motion animation, drawing and The painting, says, “The concept we had to work with was interesting – reimagining life during the pandemic – and we all had different views on it. My work titled Traversing Reminiscence took a more modern approach by juxtaposing QR codes on travel-related documents and highlighting travel restrictions due to the pandemic. “

Sculpture by artist Tapasi Nath

Works by Hyderabad-based artist Goutam Pal show deserted beaches with pigeons flying above their heads. Another piece that caught our attention is the bronze sculpture by Kolkata artist Tapasi Nath titled An Unknown Stranger. The sculpture is not only intriguing in its appearance, but it also stands out from the rest of the pieces as it does not have a nature theme, but chooses to explore the theme of reimagining life during the pandemic. Fantasy-3 in pen, ink and watercolor by Monty Senarath Colambage, a senior ceramist from Sri Lanka, takes the metaphorical route to portray the effects of the pandemic and the new reality. The contrasting colors of purple and bright blue with a human figure in a myriad of textures add more to the drama.
The visual dialogues of these artists create an interesting conversation about aspects of life during the pandemic and its effects.

The exhibition continues until October 31, Galerie 78, alley opposite the Hitex gate (from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


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