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Art and Design students at Medicine Hat College (MHC) combined Halloween with a concept representative of recent times for the art exhibit on display at the One on One Gallery at the Cultural Center.

“The Unforeseen” is a play about the pandemic mixed with the upcoming Halloween holidays, featuring around 41 intriguing pieces of art from first-to-fourth-year art and design students.

“Our concept for the show and the title we selected are derived from the COVID-19 pandemic in the sense that no one saw it coming – it was unforeseen. We decided to play around with this concept to see what the students would find and we received a wide variety of crazy and unique things that you wouldn’t normally see, ”describes Peyton Erickson, president of the Visual Arts Student Society (VASS).

“When you think of Halloween, you usually think of the dark and horrible. Surprisingly, many students created humorous and / or brightly colored pieces. Not everyone was left with a scary vibe and it was really interesting to see what was produced. The unforeseen works for everything.

Erickson further explains that each student had the option of submitting up to two pieces if they wished, and all submitted pieces were included in the exhibit.

“The response from the students has been overwhelming – we filled the gallery. Anyone in art and design at MHC can submit their work as long as they have a VASS card that is easy to obtain. It’s a $ 10 digital card that you sign up for via email, and you also get discounts at places like the MHC Bookstore, Boylan Imaging, Samir’s Donair, and Nirvana 101.

Erickson, along with three other students, are the four active members of VASS and hope to recruit more members at all levels of the art and design program.

The VASS team were responsible for setting up the exhibit and created fun effects tailored to the spirit of Halloween to add to the experience.

“We changed the layout and design of the space to make it more visually appealing by incorporating walls with different angels, as well as some spooky Halloween features. Our intention was

to create a totally different view and experience for our audience, original for our concept, ”says Erickson.

Ian Richmond, Arts and Design Coordinator and Instructor at MHC, invites the public to immerse themselves in the spirit of Halloween by visiting the exhibit before Monday, November 1.

“I am very proud of the work of the talented students of our Art and Design program. For many, this is the first time they have organized an exhibition and exhibited their work. The pieces are sure to capture the imagination of the beholder with their unexpected and unforeseen nature.

More information about the MHC Applied Art and Design Diploma Program can be found here.

Current students interested in becoming a VASS member are encouraged to email vass@mymhc.ca.

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