First look at the Fiddlers Ferry exhibition at the Warrington Art Gallery

GET your first look at the new Fiddlers Ferry exhibit that lets you see the iconic landmark in a different light before it’s torn down.

To mark the power station’s 50th anniversary, artist Shaun Smyth and photographer Lee Harrison were granted exclusive access to Fiddlers Ferry, which closed in 2020, during its dismantling process.

They aimed to document the station and create a visual historical record for future generations before it disappeared.

And they have done so through various artworks and images which feature throughout the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery from today, Friday.

Roger Jeffery, Producer at Culture Warrington said: “We expect this one to be very popular with visitors.

“It’s just a very breathtaking exhibit and you have to see it in person to appreciate it.

“We’ve all seen images on our screens, but you actually have to see them in real life to get a sense of the scale of some of these paintings and photography.”

Photography and art come together in the exhibition

Another beautiful work of art

Another beautiful work of art

Roger helped move some of the artwork around the museum – and given their size, it wasn’t the easiest task.

“Not at all,” Roger continued.

“The photographs were pretty easy, but one of Shaun’s oil paintings was just huge and it took us three to wear.

“They’re not on canvas, they’re on really thick cardboard because Shaun paints so thick.

“It’s been a challenge getting them in, but it’s definitely worth it.”

The exhibition takes place between Friday July 15 and Sunday October 2 and the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

One of the greatest works of art in the museum

One of the greatest works of art in the museum

The exhibition features many photographs by Lee Harrison

The exhibition features many photographs by Lee Harrison

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