Folkestone pupils create playground art display

Colored Art by Squirrels

Submitted to the Folkestone Herald

A playground art display has brought creativity and color to the time spent at home at a school in Folkestone.

Gallery on the Gate’ saw artwork by children from Folkestone Primary School displayed on the railings and school gate for all to enjoy.

The students felt the thrill of exhibiting their work in public and Hafssa said, “I felt really proud to be a part of something that turned out so well.”

Jack added:

“It’s nice that everyone has completed a play, it shows everyone’s uniqueness but also everyone together as a whole school.”

Their multimedia pieces, inspired by their local community, have garnered many positive comments from parents and passers-by.

Millie Clare said:

“It was very pleasant for our parents to come and see our works of art. My parents loved coming to see how everyone is doing in their learning. I don’t know of any other school that has done something like this!

Gallery on the Gate was part of the Trust’s T25 campaign to provide 25 formative and enriching experiences to each of its pupils in primary school, and a further 25 during their secondary years.

The experiences, which are designed to support the broader development and long-term success of students, can be broadly divided into the following categories:

  • capture culture
  • creative execution
  • connect with the community
  • act consciously
  • and stay safe.

The categories cover a wide range of activities, from visiting national cultural institutions to learning CPR, earning new qualifications or even learning to ride a bike.

Principal Louise Feaver said: “Gallery on the Gate was a way to showcase the artistic talents of every child in our school with our community.

“It was admired by all and many parents commented on what an innovative and creative idea it was. It was nice to see how proud the children were of their achievement.

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