“Forever is Now”, the art exhibition at the Giza pyramids

Childhood is the time when we come to know the world not through its existential concepts, a typical course of adulthood, but through its forms. This moment when memories, the unconscious and physical experiences begin to intersect is the starting point of Olivier Fiorenziit’s art. Among the most useful works for understanding the stylistic signature of the artist born in Osimo in 1992 is the Otto Cieli (Eight Skies), to be discovered until November 12 at The Address gallery in Brescia.
The element chosen by Fiorenzi to experience art as an unpredictable game is the kite, a toy but also a visual metaphor, produced in eight different versions, conceived as subjects and states of mind: chance, struggle, game, passion, fear, wonder. , discovery, contemplation.

Oliviero Fiorenzi’s eight kites are intended to be eight sensations, but also – as the title of the exhibition suggests – eight skies, as many visions of the world with precise geometric structures, colors and signs that intertwine , leading to new ways of flying. and react to the sky.
Kites have always fascinated me. – Says the artist – I think of the wind as a poetic motor, far from human control, capable of moving even mountains through time, impossible to control, only wanting to flow and blow. Along with the sea, the wind is one of the elements of the open space that I am confronted with. Always looking for the unpredictable variability that ends up modifying the installation-object-sculpture, completely beyond my control.

The artist documented the months spent experimenting with kite building techniques, documenting everything through photographic and audiovisual materials. The work of the Majocchi textile factory was important for the design.

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