Gary Marotta Fine Art Gallery: Ruben Natal-San Miguel: The Rights of Summer

“Everyone’s summer is different depending on where and how they live.” – Ruben Natal-San Miguel

”Summer Rights” personal exhibition exhibition of photographs by Ruben Natal-San Miguel is based on a 2015 call for entries that was judged by himself and Sean Corcoran (curator of photography and prints for the Museum of the City of New York). He featured his original photographs alongside the work of over 25 other Long Island photographers in Japan (Portugal, Canada, Missouri, California).

Now 2022, seven years later, after 3 years of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its variants, an ongoing international and national war, current inflation considered the worst in history, the endless racial climate, discrimination and disparities and the gun culture of violence that takes innocent lives, Ruben decided to look back, to see how also to wonder what the summer of 2022 will look like for all of us.

The main guiding idea of ​​the exhibits is that different people from different socio-economic classes, cultures, lifestyles and locations experience and celebrate summer differently. “We wanted to see what summer was like for the 99% as well as the 1%. The idea for the exhibition was born to highlight how photographers define summer and to get a sense of community through photography in light of the ever-looming growing gap between the upper classes. and lower. Whether it’s the melting pot’s 99% population escaping to local city beaches, parks or fire hydrants, versus 1% in resort towns like Fire Island Pines, Provincetown and Upstate NY where there is exclusivity, luxury and money.

“While marketing and promoting the event, I decided to use images from my own photography series to make everyone aware of this other world that I had observed and captured for all these years and to create brevity, awareness, celebration, and genuine meaning when you’re out there with a camera to do more than just take pretty pictures.
– Ruben Natal-San Miguel

summer human is presented to Gary Marotta Art Gallery at 162 Commercial Street, 02567, Provincetown Massachusetts until September 21st2022

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