Grande Prairie Art Gallery unveils its first Sargent Family Foundation endowment project

“We chose this image because it’s the most iconic of the Picasso style that people are used to seeing, which is in this sort of abstract variation,” Erbach said.

“Because our theme worked around passionate projects, we wanted to exhibit only Picasso’s work which focused on the main motifs of his work, namely bullfighting, and therefore we selected all the prints and sculptures that exhibited and illustrated bullfighting. . ”

Marc Chagall’s collection is called “The Call of Jerimiah”.

Erbach says this will include 20 prints of Chagall’s work based on the Old Testament.

“That’s when Jerimiah met an angel, there are a lot of Old Testament prophecies and visions.”

Erbach explains that both collections will play an important role in the identity of the art gallery, which he says exhibits local, national and international art.

“All of this is quite unique and important to our community, to residents, to local artists for their development, to curators, to writers and to the general public, who don’t necessarily always want to travel to Calgary to participate in something important.

Erbach explains that because the Grande Prairie Art Gallery is a national-class museum, they were able to obtain pieces of this caliber, although he suggests it was no easy task.

“We are in fact able to collect and exhibit works according to the highest national standards, so because of this we are able to contact some of the largest and most important art museums in the world. countries, like the National Museum of Canada, and request that we receive a loan from their collection, ”he said.

“It’s a long process, it’s a complicated process, but because of the quality of the staff in this museum and this facility, we are able to do that kind of work.”

Erbach says that for the first project with the Sargent Family Foundation, the exact dollar amount for the first showcase remains to be determined, although he estimates that they will use tens of thousands of dollars for a show of this caliber.

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“For example, just shipping artwork of this level of importance from Ottawa can cost a lot of money,” Erbach said.

“There is a limit, so the endowment itself will live on for many generations, so we have not finalized how much we will take out of this major gift.”

Sean Sargent, a member of the Sargent Family Foundation, says the Grande Prairie Art Gallery has always been one of their favorite visits and is happy to see the first draft of several of the Foundation’s endowment. the Sargent family.

“Allocate (the funding) to give the art gallery the extra funding it needs each year to offer additional exhibitions like this that it would not normally afford, and to improve the cultural life of the people in Grande Prairie who can come and see this, we just feel honored to have been able to do that.

Operational museum funders include the City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie and the MD of Greenview.

The exhibition will be presented from September 30 to January 9 at the Grande Prairie Art Gallery, located inside the Montrose Cultural Center.

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