Interactive artwork that reads emotions is just the cure at London Hospital


Immersive Healing Art System at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
courtesy of Genesis Arts

Art that boosts wellness will always be welcome in TAN towers (especially in these difficult times of Covid). A new interactive digital art installation recently installed at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London is leading the way in inducing ‘positive moods and emotions’, contributing to the well-being of staff and patients. Immersive Healing Art System, designed by London-based studio Genesis Arts, detects a person’s mood and emotions using facial scanning and sensors, in turn creating a ‘unique piece of audiovisual art that calms, relaxes and improves mood, ”a statement read. Zheyuan Zhang, director of Genesis Arts, shared his comments with us, saying that “most people have interacted with the installation for more than five minutes and their overall impressions are” entertaining and intriguing. ” The piece is the latest commission from CW +, the official charity of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which has just welcomed patients to a new bespoke multifunctional arts and culture space (CW + Studio) in the heart of the hospital. , demonstrating that art is indeed a tonic in difficult times.


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