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RWANDAN VISUAL ARTIST Antoine Izere is expected in the United States as he prepares for his first solo art exhibition scheduled for March 18 in Houston, Texas (USA).

The exhibition dubbed “STRIDE” was curated by Mitochondria Gallery, an art gallery specializing in the works of emerging and established artists from Africa and the African Diaspora, with a mission to educate and raise awareness about contemporary African art.

The exhibition presents a new corpus of works presented in the form of figurative paintings. This is the second collaboration between Izere and Mitochondria Gallery.

In this series, Izere paints visual representations of the significant advancements women have made in American society.

“For centuries, women have played a central role in ensuring the advancement and stability of our communities. Antoine captures this concept in a sequence of images that are contemporary while simultaneously being rooted in African history and culture,” reads in part a press release from Mitochondria Gallery.

“STRIDE is a creative progression for Antoine, infused with various artistic techniques that showcase his unique artistry”

According to the art gallery, this series of works mixes the genres of landscape, abstraction, figuration and portraiture.

Izere, 24, uses her signature impasto technique while simultaneously employing intricate brushwork.

The images of his art are rich and vibrate with an intensity that captivates the viewer. In this body of work, Antoine tells stories using layers of paint to create textural dimensions that convey physical and theoretical depth.


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