Jeffrey Deitch Art Exhibition “The Emerald Tablet”

The Emerald Tablet is a new group exhibition and curatorial project by Ariana Papademetropoulos. Set in Jeffrey Deitch in Los Angeles, the show takes viewers on a journey through the alchemy and transporting power of stage design.

Co-curated by Alexandre Stipanovich, the exhibition features the work of a number of creative industry figures, including Gus Van Sant, Mike Kelley, Leonora Carrington, Lucy Bull, Beck and many more. Emblematic of its title, the show is thematically based on Dorothy’s quest to The Emerald City in Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.

Beginning in the first gallery, Papademetropoulos presents five paintings that combine the surreal with the mundane, the tangible with the ethereal – a duality that inspires viewers to find magic in their immediate surroundings. Further down the gallery, Papademetropoulos presents an enchanting scene straight out of Hollywood folklore – from a carousel by Raúl de Nieves, a row of winged sprites by Henry Darger to the sacred elemental scale of Hugh Hayden.

The exhibition culminates in a dark room that reimagines the Emerald City as a spiritual landscape filled with monolithic sculptures and paintings by Kelley, Carrington, and Jean Marie Appriou, among others.

At the heart of the exhibit is a celebration of Los Angeles as the epicenter of transformation, placing particular emphasis on magic as an art form in its own right, rather than a metaphor for cinematography. The Emerald Tablet is on view at Jeffrey Deith LA through October 23.

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jeffrey deich
925N Orange Drive
Los Angeles, California 90038

Exhibiting artists:

Isabelle Albuquerque
Theodora Allen
Jean-Marie Appriou
lucie bull
Marjorie Cameron
Leonora Carrington
Sedrick Chisom
Henry Darger
Hugues Hayden
Mike Kelley
Frederic Kunath
Justin Lowe
Jonas Freeman
Jill Mulleady
Raul de Nieves
Precious Okoyomon
Luigi Ontani
Ariana Papademetropoulos
Agnes Pelton
Jim Shaw
Henry Taylor
Gus Van Sant
Alix Vernet
Marnie Weber
Ambera Wellmann
Jordan Wolfson

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