Kaiji art exhibition takes a gamble on Nakano Broadway in fall 2022

Zawa zawa! Fans who like a little anxiety in their art are in luck, because an exhibit dedicated to Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s high-stakes game manga Kaiji heads to the Graveyard Gallery venue in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, Japan in a two-part installation that will take place during the fall 2022 season.

The exhibition will feature works of art by Kaiji as well as its derived series (such as Mr. TONEGAWA: Middle Management Blues) as well as photo spots that reproduce famous scenes such as the “Steel Beam Crossing of Despair” and the pachinko machine “The Bog”. Special character items (such as t-shirts, keychains, etc.) will also be available for purchase on the site.

A promotional image for the upcoming Kaiji art exhibition which will run from September 29 to November 06, 2022, at the Graveyard Gallery in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, Japan.

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The Kaiji The art exhibition runs from September 29 to November 06, 2022, on the third floor of the Graveyard Gallery Venue in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, Japan.

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