Lost works of art are now on display at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University

A collection of works of art is presented for the first time in years. The exhibit comes after the closure of the museum that once owned the collection.

“To have the opportunity to bring all of this very interesting and diverse contemporary art into our collection is truly phenomenal,” says Donna Gustafson, one of the curators at Rutgers University’s Zimmerli Art Museum.

The former Jersey City Museum donated approximately 5,000 works of art to the Zimmerli Art Museum. The Jersey City Museum closed in 2010. This is the first time the Zimmerli Museum has featured some of this art, in an exhibit titled “American Stories: Gifts of the Jersey City Museum.”

Gustafson says she believes the art on display has a common thread.

“The idea of ​​who an American is. What does it mean to live in America? What does it mean to be an immigrant who becomes an American? she says.

Gustafson says the museum sought out artists’ unique perspectives on culture, society and politics.

“We wanted that kind of core of what we considered to be the most exciting part of this collection and that’s what we chose to put on the walls,” says Gustafson.

New Jersey artists, including painter Dahlia El Sayed, sculptor Orlando Cuevas and documentary photographer Helen M. Stummer, are among the approximately 100 pieces on display.

“American Stories: Gifts From The Jersey City Museum” will be on view through December 30. Visiting the gallery is free.

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