Meet the woman who makes amazing art and fashion pieces from plastic bags

We often see celebrities adorning the front pages of their over-the-top outfits, but one eco-friendly fashion designer has made headlines for her more understated recycled designs.

Christine Wilson is a Belfast woman who lives in Cork, but she currently lives in Dubai with her partner and is certainly making a name for herself there.

Christine worked in film production before the pandemic, but once she stopped working due to the virus, she decided to acquire a new skill that has now taken her career to a whole new level.

She had purchased a sewing machine with the great intention of altering her clothing, but never actually used it until the lockdown began.

A year and a half later, Christine is now using the machine to make amazing works of art and fashion pieces from recycled materials and plastic bags for her own brand,

Christine noticed that Dubai was a bit behind the rest of the world in terms of using plastic media. So she decided to turn the materials into fashionable bags that people would happily reuse.

She told CorkBeo how she turned a hobby of making plastic bags into fashion pieces into a very successful business.

“It’s hard to cut plastic in all of its forms, but if you can do something else with it and add value to it, it’s worth it.

Christine uses recycled materials to make fashion accessories.

“I realized that you could fuse plastic bags together and then sew them to make things. I used all the bags we had here in the house to craft items, then set up a box outside to ask people to leave their spare bags.

“Once I took out a sample outside of what I was doing with the bags, people got the idea and the orders started to come in.

“I made a little kit and shared it on the community’s Facebook page and that was the start. A local cultural magazine picked it up and I realized there was a real demand for it. . “

The demand is certainly an understatement for what happened to the company next. Not only did the local press start to find out what Christine was doing, magazines such as Grazia and Forbes also featured her work.

In addition to plastic, Christine infuses cork into her creations, making bags and other pieces stand out.

Like PEahead. The eco took off, Christine’s creations caught the attention of Ethiad Airlines, which had undergone an interior overhaul of its planes and now had a warehouse full of material that was going to be lost.

This is where Christine came in. The airline asked him to design a recycled work of art to display at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

She used airplane curtains, life jackets, wall panels, and other parts of the airplane to create the room that drew international coverage.

After work on the installation, Christine made bags and other products from materials she recycled from airplanes and sold them on her website.

In the continuity of her work with Ethiad, Christine has invested in more eco-centered artistic installations and has just been shortlisted for the prestigious ADNOC Art Awards.

Christine’s family is based in Kinsale and she said Ireland has a lot of potential for businesses and movements like hers.

“Ireland is already very environmentally conscious and embraces the practice of recycling and mending as part of its culture. I would like to see more big companies take up their corporate social responsibility.”

See you at Christine Instagram to follow his work or discover his creations on the website.

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