Nagoya art exhibition hands visitors umbrellas for socially distant viewing

NAGOYA – Enter the gallery and open your umbrella!

An art exhibition where visitors are loaned clear plastic umbrellas to hold as a coronavirus prevention measure is underway in this central Japanese city.

Kazuhisa Kusaba, 61, a ceramic painter from Takeo, Saga Prefecture, is holding a unique solo exhibition at the Design Gallery on the fourth floor of the Nadya Park Design Center Building in Naka Ward, Nagoya.

The painter’s personal exhibition had been postponed for about a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Kusaba organized the event because he wanted people to be able to see his works directly. Sixty umbrellas with a diameter of 83 centimeters each were prepared. The number of umbrellas on loan is also used to control the number of visitors inside the site. Umbrellas help maintain physical distance between viewers.

Around fifty works by Kusaba are exhibited in the exhibition hall, painted on ceramic plates using glaze. He uses a unique technique of applying multiple coats of glaze and firing the artwork over a dozen times. Part of the appeal of his works is that their color changes depending on the angle of view. Admission is free for the exhibition, which will run until October 18.

(Japanese original by Koji Hyodo, Nagoya Photo Group)

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