NANZUKA UNDERGROUND “Prism” Group art exhibition JP

“Prism” is a new group exhibition at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND that features a diverse group of artists who each shed a brilliant light in the midst of the pandemic.

Visitors will immediately notice the eclectic supercar Tetsuya Nakamura – an amorphous sculpture that resembles the Batmobile, the American muscle car, and the synthetic life form all at once. Further in the exhibition and his Japanese sculptor colleague, Ryuichi ohira created a set of wooden reliefs that comment on the natural environment and human acts of creation, as well as the relationship with personal expression and energy.

The contrast between the autocentric pieces is the work of acclaimed American artist, Cleon Peterson, whose minimal aesthetic comments on the corruption and power structures that have persisted in society for thousands of years.

To complete his solo exhibition, “THE PLANETS”, now presented at NANZUKA 2GSeoul-born artist Yoon Hyup presents two paintings that reflect the bustle of his new home – New York City. Check out the full artist below for “Prism,” which is on view at the NANZUKA UNDERGROUND Gallery in Tokyo until November 7th.

In case you missed it, Daniel Arsham has unveiled his new ‘CRISTALIZED CHARMANDER’ figure.

3-30-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo

List of “Prism” artists:

Julio Anaya Cabanding
Jang Koal
Tetsuya Nakamura
Ryuichi ohira
Cleon Peterson
Yoon hyup

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