New Art Exhibition Expresses Freedom | The new times

AN ONGOING COLLECTIVE solo art exhibition “Beyond Freedom” aims to reveal that there is more to what we call freedom through the use of artwork.

It started on Friday July 15th and will end on July 23rd at Iteme Art Space located in Remera, Kigali.

Organized by Christian Luc Hanyurwimfura, self-taught independent artist, the exhibition which brings together 15 works also depicts his gaze through art showing that freedom of spirit is the proof of his existence. Through his works, he also inserts papers that imply writings which he claims are titles and descriptions of his works.

Hanyurwimfura said the inspiration to start her first exhibition came after watching how people live life as if there is a formula instead of living their way and doing things their way.

The 21-year-old artist started drawing at the age of 10 but decided to draw professionally at the age of 19 using pencils and paints in different styles in his own imagination and reference images to create works of art.

Even though he studied physics, biology and chemistry in high school, he discovered his passion for the arts at an early age. After completing his studies, he then decided to delve deeper into art and learn from others as well as grow every day from each work he made.

His work titled “Get Loose” depicts a person who lived in captivity for so many years, but fought for freedom and fiercely guarded that freedom of soul.

“Sometimes I find myself spending hours on a work of art to stimulate deep and strong emotions to connect more with my viewers. Most of the time it’s almost like I’m losing control of my brushes and that the art flowed through me to the canvas. I draw inspiration from life experiences and basically anything that elicits a sense of need,” the artist explained.

Hanyurwimfura plans to make more paintings to sell and is looking to start an art gallery.

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