NFTi Emporium brings gold art to London and Athens-based art exhibition, with plans to expand into NFT Metaverse

golden art

hundred thousand patterns

NFTs are not only a gateway for artists, but also have potential for future real-world technological devices, with the art being just an introduction about non-fungible tokens for the masses.

— Evan Kareem, Founder of NFTi Emporium

SCUNTHORPE, UK, May 17, 2022 / — NFTi Emporium, a creator of digital art and NFT, announces its presence at art exhibitions in London and Athens, and plans to company to grow in NFT Metaverse.

NFTi Emporium has introduced many artworks to the Crypto environment, which have caught the attention of many, including being featured in ART4Any Magazine, Tokhun.IO as well as the recent London-based Art Gallery and in Athens, Art Number23.

The company’s artwork has also been recognized and complimented as a very interesting project by many people, including Sixtine Crutchfield, WISeART Art Director for WISeKEY International Limited.

Recently, NFTi Emporium entered into a partnership with famous Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten, on their own NFT marketplace called Rakuten NFT to bring an exclusive collection to the Japanese NFT audience.

One of the recently famous works of art, Gold Art, is a collection of works of art made up of patterns found in nature. The Gold Art collection has been selected for placement in the recent London and Athens based virtual art exhibition.

Gold Art resembles the natural phenomenon of Antelope Canyon caves in Arizona, USA. According to scientists, these natural landscapes are the result of several millennia of extreme weather conditions, and these canyons were thus formed during thousands of years of flash floods from the intermittent stream that crosses them, eroding the rock face of Navajo sandstone. before flowing into the Colorado River and currently into Lake Powell.

During periods of long dry spells, windblown sand polished the narrow walls of the cleft to a streaky, swirling finish. At this location, there seems to be an ever-changing play of light on its walls and the falling sands that cascade through the depths of the slot canyon.

In the Gold Art work of art, patterns like these natural phenomena have been reflected and shown in such a way that these are carved on a large block of heavy gold, displayed on a large gold wall in a museum , a decorative block of gold.

Other projects planned by NFTi Emporium soon include a new collection called Hundred Thousand Patterns. It is a set of extremely dynamic abstract artworks published on several popular blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, etc.

Lead Artist Evan Kareem discusses how NFTs are not only a gateway for artists, but also have potential for future real-world tech devices, with the art being just an introduction to the subject of non-fungible tokens for artists. masses.

He founded NFTi Emporium with plans to develop an NFT marketplace and has plans for a metaverse project, most likely a premium virtual gallery, on a proper blockchain.

NFT, crypto, and art enthusiasts can learn more about upcoming NFT projects on Twitter @NFTiEmporium and Instagram @nftiemporium for early picks and whitelist releases.

Evan Karim
NFTi Emporium

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