NGZ in public sale of uncollected works of art


The Zimbabwe National Gallery in Bulawayo is holding a public sale of all works of art not collected in their storage today until May 31.

The sale will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and prices range from US $ 5 to US $ 30 for paintings and sculptures.

The director of NGZ in Bulawayo, Butholezwe Nyathi, told NewsDay Life & Style that the gallery had kept some works of art submitted to exhibitions and was never collected when the exhibition closed.

“After each exhibition, the gallery keeps temporary works of art that were on display and that have not been sold to the general public. There is a definite period during which we must keep these works. So when artists go a long time without collecting them, we run out of space, so that’s what we encountered, ”he said.

Nyathi said the sale of the artifacts as a way to free up space in their temporary storage facilities has already happened because they are not intended to keep the works in perpetuity.

“We had advised artists who can recover their works to do so between May 5 and 14, but the rest contractually, we are free to sell them to the public at subsidized rates because it is not about making a profit. , but clean up the temporary collection, ”he said.

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