Often overlooked psychedelic art is the subject of a new South Coast art exhibit

A new art exhibition on the south coast features often overlooked works of art.

“The Otherworld” features works from two centuries of psychedelic art. “It expands the artistic creation of people who access other worlds through different means, whether it’s chemistry, religious experience or just artistic license,” said Michael Pearce.

Pearce is an art professor at the Lutheran University of California and curator of the exhibit, which is housed in the university’s William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art. He explains why he wanted to create the show.

“Throughout my life seeing no recognition for them in the world, which I just don’t understand,” Pearce said. “So many people love this kind of art,” he added.

Roger Dean’s iconic work “Relayer” was used as the cover for the 1970s album “Yes” of the same name.

One of the works presented in the “Otherworld” exhibition is the original album art by artist Roger Dean from the album Yes Relay. “It’s a beautiful piece, with the rattlesnakes coiled up in the front,” Pearce said. “It’s very strange to see this in front of me in the gallery,” he said. “It’s so iconic. It’s been printed millions of times.


Nuclear Mystics is a work of artist Mars-1.

The curator of the exhibition leads us to another of the works, one the size of a giant poster that features the painting of what appears to be a psychedelic Cheshire cat. It is called Nuclear mystics, and has images embedded inside the images.

What does curator Michael Pearce hope visitors take away from the exhibition?

“The fun, definitely the fun,” Pearce said. “We have this scheduled for the end of COVID, and we want people to come and have fun.

“L’Autre Monde” runs until February 3 at the William Rolland Gallery, it is located in the William Rolland Stadium on the Cal Lutheran Campus.
The exhibition is free and open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday.

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