Sawyer Yards holds monthly art exhibitions at Silver Street Studios

Sawyer Yards is a creative campus for budding artists in Houston that promotes and houses over 400 artists in its many on-site studios.

Utilizing these spaces, Sawyer Yards hosts a host of events and exhibits that help artists grow within the industry.

Artists come to live in one of the five apartment buildings to perfect their craft. Artists of all kinds are accepted, each with studios dedicated to their specialties and talents. Sawyer Yards is also a good time for the public, with a range of facilities available, such as harbor breweries, restaurants and gymnasiums. Event spaces are available for public and private events.

“These developers bought all these old warehouses and they came up with the idea of ​​converting them into working studios,” explained marketing manager Liz Lopez. “The heart of this place is really the artists. They have these studios in these five buildings, and they use them either as a workspace or just as a gallery.

Every second Saturday, Sawyer Yards hosts open studios in their respective spaces, where most artists from across campus gather to show off their work. Guests are free to come and have a drink while admiring the various works on display, as well as chatting with the artists themselves.

One studio space of interest is their Silver Street Studios, an area of ​​Sawyer Yards dedicated not only to Sawyer Yards events, but also to monthly resident artist shows. Officially launched in 2016, Silver Street is home to 80 artists and has hosted a plethora of events, from festivals to markets.

“It’s all for them,” Lopez said. “They can choose the theme, they can choose the number of pieces that will be put on. They name the title of the exhibition and plan the opening. Some will hire music or have meals prepared, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work.

According to Lopez, Silver Street is not only home to artists, but also jewelers, sculptors, glassblowers and even a few businesses. Artists have the opportunity to showcase their work in Silver Studios through the West Gallery at Sawyer Yards. They can register via the gallery.

The artist in the spotlight this month is Alessandra Albine, a sculptor who recently installed her exhibition titled “Fragments”, which runs until April 24. Albine mainly focuses on sculptures as an artist. The title of her new work refers to the different “fragments” of herself as a person.

Another thing to look forward to from Sawyer Yards this month is their spring showcase, which they’ll be hosting on April 30. The showcase will feature artists from across campus, with food trucks, live music and more to offer guests. This event, according to Lopez, is to replace their spring biennial.

“The beauty of this place is that it’s about all levels of art,” Lopez said. “So basically we like to think that’s where you come to find these artists before they explode. You will find people who only open their studios as gallery space because they exhibit their art all over the world. And then there are some who are actually lawyers during the day, but they’ve always loved art, so they have a studio.

Sawyer Yards has no shortage of upcoming events and artist exhibits. To check out upcoming artists such as Alessandra Albine, or to schedule a visit to their next yard event, visit the Sawyer Yards website at

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