Snohetta embarks on expansion of Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha

Oslo-based architectural firm on July 27, last week Snohetta Officially announces design scheme to expand Joslyn Art Museum Museum NS Omaha, Nebraska, On the same day it broke the ground.. Snøhetta is a local partner Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture (APMA), Refurbishment of existing office space and revitalization of 3 acres of public gardens on the premises of the facility.

The Joslyn Art Museum, a groundbreaking cultural property in Nebraska’s largest city, has been in Omaha since 1931, when it was blessed with the widow of printing mogul George Joslyn. Art Deco Buildings designed by architects John and Alan MacDonald, and buildings added in 1994 Foster + Partner– –The first project built by Sir Norman Foster in the United States. The museum now houses the Philip G. Schlager Contemporary Art Collection.

The main purpose of devising a new scheme for the Snohetta and APMA campuses was to increase the available gallery space by a third. The architect also tried to completely reconstruct the building entrance sequence and move the main access point to Davenport Street at the northern end of the site. New access roads and raised sculpture gardens guide visitors to the museum’s main entrance. This entrance is protected from the elements by the protrusions in the gallery above.

The top galleries are designed to accommodate the museum’s ever-growing art collection (courtesy of Snøhetta and Moare).

The southeastern corner of the site has also been refurbished, making the museum more attractive to both guests and passers-by. Retaining walls are lowered to display views of the original memorial, its monumental staircase, and the new lawn planted with native species.

The new building itself features a dramatic curved facade that appears to float above the walls of the granite garden, creating a striking contrast to the well-planted foundations of the two old buildings on campus. In Snohetta’s words, it evokes “the formation of an impressive cloud over the great people.” Not only the plains, but also the deep overhangs and horizontal representation of the local prairie-style architecture. “

The additional weightlessness is accentuated by the clear glass walls on the ground floor that surround the museum’s new lobby, stores and multipurpose spaces. The solid walls surrounding the upper-floor gallery are covered with rosy precast concrete panels, reflecting the Georgian pink marble used to build the memorial in the 1930s.

View of the passageway connecting the existing Scott Pavilion designed by Renzo Piano with the new museum building. (Rendering courtesy of Snøhetta and Moare)

The daytime gallery, which displays a significant portion of Joslyn’s vast collection, will be complemented by new classrooms and meeting spaces, and the museum hopes to help foster new community connections. In the words of Snohetta’s director and architect Kate Larsen, the transformation of the facility’s indoor and outdoor spaces “creates a beautiful and cozy new front door to the museum and invites many generations.”

Snohetta’s most famous museum project in the United States is still Added in 2016 To the campus designed by Mario Botta of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), The company has been awarded a number of similar fees over the past year.

September 2020, studio Won the contest Just a few weeks ago to design Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidential Library in Badlands, North Dakota Reveal the design of that victory For the El Paso Children’s Museum in Texas. Earlier this year Dartmouth College chooses Snohetta Just a few weeks before another major university, the University of Texas at Austin, he led the expansion of the Hopkins Art Center.Revealed the proposal chosen by the company For the Blanton Museum of Art. Snohetta also has extensive experience in designing museums and galleries of all sizes in Scandinavia and other parts of Western Europe.

According to a Snohetta press release, the facility is scheduled to reopen after expansion in mid-2024, before the gallery will be open to the public for about two years.

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