Solo art exhibition Olubukola Bolarinde will be curated by Nike Davies-Okundaye

For her first solo art exhibition, Olubukola Bolarinde, a trained architect and self-taught artist, enlists the expertise of art and culture custodian Nike Davies-Okundaye of the Nike Art Gallery to curate her works. Bolarinde previously featured her works at the Nike Art Gallery and since then the two have maintained a mother-daughter relationship.

For its exhibition entitled “106 Expressions”, Bolarinde will present 85 works of art, each telling a story about African culture. Two fashion designers will also present 10 pieces each on the catwalk. The highlight of the exhibition is the event itself. According to the artist, the guests will live an immersive experience.

“For the first time, I’m putting on an exhibition in such a place and I’m building it from scratch. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria to host such a spectacle at a construction site; in an unfinished building and I bring people in and immerse them in an experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

So this immersive, start-to-finish experience in Eko Atlantic City is the 106th exhibit.

The exhibition is scheduled for June 10.


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