Songs of Fire, collective art exhibition that brings together 21 American artists in Saint-Louis

songs of fire

Torie Zalben and Deepak Chopra

Songs of Fire Art Event Organized by artists JPW3 & Torie Zalben April 1 July 9, 2022 Collective art exhibition bringing together 21 American artists in Saint-Louis

ST LOUIS, MI, USA, March 28, 2022 / — The Art Gallery at Sophie’s Artist Lounge is pleased to present an exciting new group exhibition, Songs of Fire, curated by JPW3 and Torie Zalben, presented from Friday, April 1 to July 9, 2022, with a special opening reception on April 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibition brings together 21 multidisciplinary American artists to announce a moment of celebration against a backdrop of complicit uncertainty. The title Songs of Fire is taken from an offhand statement by a television chef, using the phrase to describe a dish in progress. Pushing the metaphor a bit further, the exhibition revels in a process of transformation out of chaos.

“The totality of Songs of Fire artwork seeks to bring together the order of the current reality we inhabit. The intention of the exhibition is to cultivate shared and personal moments of joy and provide solutions on how we can collectively heal and address recent and deeply rooted trauma,” says co-curator/artist Torie Zalben.

Giving equal space to the illusory and the mundane, Songs of Fire suggests a reconfigured world in which the familiar is enlarged, disassembled and redesigned alongside bold graphic acts of pure invention. Resistant to an underlying dogma, these disparate works are cohesive like a multimedia collage, evoking subjects as varied as personal artifacts, the industrial complex of cultural production, and the history of Saint-Louis.
The artists’ room at Sophie’s will be transformed into the “Release Room,” an interactive installation by St. Louis-born artist Aaron Fowler. Known for his multimedia works that incorporate found objects, paint and other bonded materials, Fowler here creates an immersive space in which viewers are invited to let go of a balloon, a gesture that is playful, mournful and tranquil at the same time. As the space fills with balloons, the gestures of each individual who has passed through the installation will become an illustration of the community. Alongside the exhibition, Fowler will present a series of programs with his St. Louis-based community arts collective, N2EXISTENCE.

Exhibiting artists: Elia Alba, David Alekhuogie, Ann Craven, Taylor Deed, Emmanuel Louisnord Desir, Awol Erizku, Aaron Fowler, Sara Gernsbacher, Sayre Gomez, Amy Granat, Arielle Gray, Diane Holland, Peregrine Honig, Fumi Ishino, JPW3, Max Ostrow , Alicia Piller, Aubrey Saget, Cameron Spratly, Vincent Stemmler, Torie Zalben.

Songs of Fire will be open during Sophie’s regular business hours, Wednesday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

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