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Rich Royal, Teal and Purple lens, blown glass, 19 “H x 18” W x 18 “T. Photograph courtesy of the Raven Gallery

When you step into the 1,500 square foot Raven Gallery residence on East Cooper Avenue, every feasible strategy can reveal some really great studio art glass. For those looking to explore a little more, check out an assortment of work organized in varied mediums, distinctive ceramic work, and a great collection of distinctive minerals and crystals.

Recognized as possibly the most important glass galleries in the country and quite unmistakable to Aspen, the gallery employees welcome the whole company, from guests to collectors. “We involve a wide range of artistic glass endeavors, from inexperienced people to masters, complemented by high quality works, ceramics and mineral and crystalline preparations,” explains glass director Anne Gross. “Our guests are fascinated by the range and unusual shapes of the varieties on display. We choose to share our data and questions are always welcome. “

The owner, herself an artist, has a zeal for artistic endeavors, which is linked to a deep appreciation for time and effort. She is aware of the difficulty of making glass objects of immaculate beauty; She tried! His intention with the opening of the gallery was to promote artists who have the know-how to create works that combine splendor with gentleness and stimulate creativity and present the improbable eerie of nature in the form of minerals and amazing crystals.

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“The world of glass art has faced very specific challenges due to the pandemic. Glassblowing is a valuable human resource job that just wasn’t a possibility 12 months ago, ”says Anne. “Artists capable of working face difficulties, from supplying to transporting finished works. Just putting the items in the gallery was a huge inconvenience. Typically it is anyway, but now we’ll see solar at the end of the tunnel. “

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the arrival of beautiful constructions of shadow, softness and reflection from Japan and the Czech Republic as well as unimaginable mouth-blown glass burning from the homes of many American artists. The stable glass of Hawaii’s “Picasso-esque” choice and the bright, pure forms of North Carolina have also landed, and new oil works by current realists Scott Fraser and Otto Duecker, abstract media dramatic mixed by Canadian Markian Olynyk and the ethereal polish by Jane Guthridge has been hung up.

It’s a whole new job for a whole new season. Stop and find your voucher, then let us install it on the website or ship it virtually anywhere!

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