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HENDERSON – When Arts Alive broadcasts its talented artists live on stage on April 24, it will also showcase the talent of graphic designers. A virtual art gallery will showcase the work of student artists from Vance County Schools.

These artists were challenged to create a t-shirt, badge and button to publicize Arts Alive 2021.

Allison Harp, a junior at Vance County High School, came up with the winning t-shirt design, which uses symbols from the various art forms to capture the essence of Arts Alive.

Ashland Carroll, a senior at Vance High, created an Arts Alive button.

The creator of the Arts Alive badge was Keyara Taylor, a sixth grader at Vance County Middle School.

The Vance County School Board recognized the students for their accomplishments and the contribution of their creations to Arts Alive 2021.

Since Arts Alive 2021 will be a virtual event, it follows that The Daily Dispatch interviewed the students and their teachers via Zoom.

Harp said she created the design for the t-shirt by taking objects associated with the arts and turning them into a collage. Theatrical masks, an artist’s palette and other symbols are presented in dramatic black and white – chosen, Harp said, because she feels color is not her strength. But the black and white design is accentuated by a very colorful “ARTS ALIVE” caption above the mosaic.

Carroll said the design of the button was not so much the result of inspiration as it was a product that developed as she worked on it. The result is a representation of a brush, palette, and pops of color.

Carroll is no newbie in the arts. His works of art have been exhibited at events as prestigious as the NC State Fair.

Taylor’s badge uses a ballet slipper, mask, paddle, and musical notes to convey the message of the wide variety of artistic media.

Professors Veneesia Thompson, Amy Simpson and Nicholas Barrett guide young artists in developing their talents.

“I had the honor of teaching these students,” said Thompson, refusing to take credit for their inspiration. “I can take credit for guiding them, not their work. “

Andrew Markoch, Director of Fine Arts and Innovation for Vance County Schools, coordinates Arts Alive 2021. He said he has seen student work grow stronger as it evolves over the years. .

Student artists were asked what advice they could give to other students working on art projects. Carroll advised aspiring artists to “keep going” if they think that’s what they want to do.

Harp said, “Go on!”

Arts Alive will air live at 7 p.m. on April 24. The virtual art gallery will open at 3 p.m. this afternoon, giving first-time viewers a chance to see the work of Vance County visual artists.


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