Suzhou art exhibition promotes Chinese-Japanese cultural exchanges

An art event exhibition hall Photo: Courtesy of Li Lei

Jie xiang

, an art exhibition dedicated to the development of communication and artistic exchanges between China and Japan began Friday in Suzhou, in Jiangsu province (east China).

The exhibition follows the curatorial logic of ‘twin flowers’, showcasing works of art in various forms such as ink and oil paintings and sculptures by 13 artists from China and Japan. Over 60 works of art are exhibited to showcase various artistic trends in Chinese and Japanese art history and their constant changes.

Next to the exhibition, an art forum discussing the wider cultural divergence and similarities between Chinese and Japanese cultures will also be held.

Among the many cities in China’s urban center, Suzhou has a special connection to Japan that dates back to 2,000 years ago, when economic, trade and cultural exchanges between the two began.

A sculpture at the art event Photo: Courtesy of Li Lei

A sculpture at the art event Photo: Courtesy of Li Lei

Chinese sculptor Huang Zhen and Chinese culture promoter Zhao Jing are the joint curators of the exhibition.

The Sino-Japanese Art Exhibition was organized by the Suzhou Xiangcheng District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and is supported by galleries such as the Tokyo Gallery.

The exhibition is scheduled to end on November 12.

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