Tararua Lindauer art exhibition postponed

The Woodville Art and History Galleries closed Feb. 8. They will reopen later in the year.

The Tararua Lindauer exhibition has been postponed. The galleries also closed on February 8. They will reopen with the exhibition a little later in the year.

With the uncertain conditions around Covid, the number of people visiting art galleries – or any other non-essential venue – has dropped significantly. If the exhibition took place now, it is likely that the number of visitors would be dismal and that is not what we want for our annual exhibition.

Heinz Speyer's Steam Punk creations before Christmas.
Heinz Speyer’s Steam Punk creations before Christmas.

More importantly, the galleries cannot function without an amazing team of volunteers who greet people through the doors. Already, many are not comfortable with the additional risks posed by contact with the general public.

Keeping the galleries open would force our valued volunteers to choose whether to protect themselves by opting out of the roster or increasing their own personal risk of catching Covid.

We already have plans underway for a grand reopening and official gallery launch – we just don’t know when that will happen. It all depends on the shape of the Omicron wave over the next few months.

The good news? You now have more time to prepare your starters. Please if you have passed on information about the exhibition to others, can you let them know of this news.

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