The Art of Deaf Refugees, the work of a Deaf Persian artist on display at the RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center

Two spring exhibitions at the Dyer Arts Center at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology highlight the uniqueness of Deaf refugee art and the works of Deaf Canadian Persian sculptor and painter Maryam Hafizirad. Both exhibits are on view until April 1.

“Journeys: Deaf Refugee Art” showcases a range of experiences that Deaf refugees bring from their home countries in terms of language, culture and education. The exhibit includes refugee artists from U.S.-based organizations including ThinkSelf, Deaf Can!, Deaf New Americans Inc., and Deaf Refugee Advocacy, as well as works by well-known Deaf refugee artists of the past, including David Bloch and Igor Kolombatovic, and emerging artist Samareh Harirchian.

The work of Deaf Canadian Persian painter and sculptor Maryam Hafizirad is on display in the Glass Room of the Dyer Arts Centre. Graduated in 2002 from the University of Fine Arts in Isfahan, Hafizirad had her first exhibition at the age of 18 in Iran. His award-winning exhibitions have been presented in Iran, China, Germany, Malaysia, India and Canada. His early works were dark in subject and color and depicted the classical Persian tradition.

This exhibition features two installations, “Eyes Must be Washed” and “Unmasked”, which involve colorful glazed ceramic sculptures and affirm his deaf identity, the grace of sign language and the quiet force of life itself.

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