The Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery will host the first-ever Young Artists Open

A local museum and art gallery are thrilled to host their first-ever Young Artists Open, launching mid-fall.

The Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery invites primary and secondary students to submit an artwork between 13 and 15 October.

The exhibition has no theme and works from all mediums are welcome.

The museum is looking for all kinds of creativity from Lego, Meccano, modeling clay, felt, paint, pencil, pencil and even hama beads.

Prizes can be won, and museum organizers say the Art Opening is an exciting opportunity for budding young artists to showcase their art to a wide audience.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, October 22, between the opening hours of 12 p.m. and 4:45 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.

The Young Artists Open 2022 is supported by the Friends of Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.

The conditions of registration and the registration form are available here:…/young-artists-open-2022/

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