The Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne honors artists of color for Black History Month

The Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne exhibits works by artists of color on the occasion of Black History Month.

“We take up space with our body and soul,” says co-owner Cheryl Mack.

Mack and her husband, Christopher, wanted to create a place where the conversation is all about art when they opened their gallery.

“It’s almost as if movement somehow happens,” says artist and co-owner Christopher Mack.

The gallery is a home for artists of color to exhibit their work.

“I have always dreamed of showing my work in a gallery or a museum, and I never knew how to do this, I never had the opportunity to do it,” says Christopher Mac. “Now I can offer other artists the opportunity to show their work.”

Works by nearly 20 artists are on display in an exhibition titled Expressive Creative Soul.

The exhibition is based on a topical theme: art that shows how people have expressed their joy and resilience during the pandemic and civil unrest.

The theme can be related to the news, but Expressive Creative Soul is nothing new.

“This exhibit began in 2016 and had become an annual Black History Month tradition,” says Cheryl Mack.

The exhibition features both established and upcoming artists, bringing the next generation of artists of color to gallery walls.

Expressive Creative Soul is viewable and open to the public for free gallery tours on weekends and weekdays by appointment through February 26.

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