The Faculty Art Show hosts a reception and runs through October

The Department of Art and Design Faculty Art Exhibit Reception was held on September 8 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., in the Blue Gallery at the ZT Johnson Cafeteria.

The title of the exhibition is Artist as Truthteller, which is derived from an essay delivered by Asbury’s own Dr. Linda Stratford. “Art is a mirror of our soul and our society,” explained gallery coordinator Professor Elissa Morley at Asbury Collegian. “Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes it’s stabilizing or comforting. I hope that every member of the community will find something valuable in their experience of the exhibition, that they will come into contact with the Truth as a Nobody, namely Jesus Christ.

The exhibition started on August 22 and will continue until October 12. The exhibition includes 2D and 3D visual works by Professor Emeritus Rudy Medlock, photographs by Keith Barker, paintings by Chris Segre-Lewis and works by Professor Morley. that deal with landscape and space. Dovetail Practice, a collaborative project of Josh and Margaret Smith, also features various print articles and a video piece, focusing on unconventional approaches to art objects.

Together, the works on display seek to portray the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel.

“I am humbled to have been able to bear witness to the lives of each artist over the past decade in such a tangible way,” Morley said. “Although most of the work you see is from around the last five years of our various studio practices.”

“As the gallery coordinator and exhibiting artist/professor, this has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with my colleagues,” Morley said. “It has also been a bittersweet experience for me personally as I slowly realize this is likely my last faculty exposure at Asbury alongside those who have become like family over the past 11 years.”

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