The Laguna Art Museum dives into the sea that surrounds us with Rebeca Méndez

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Laguna Art Museum presents its 10th annual Art and Nature, a multidisciplinary exploration and celebration of art’s diverse engagements with the natural world, starting November 3. The multi-faceted event is the museum’s largest public program of the year, bringing together thousands of attendees to foster a love of nature, environmental awareness and discover the intersections between science and the arts.

Julie Perlin Lee, executive director of the Laguna Art Museum, spoke about the festival in a recent press release.

“This year’s 10th Annual Art & Nature Festival will once again bring the community together to appreciate the intimate connection between art and nature,” said Lee. “The festival celebrates the museum’s long history as a cultural center, offering in-depth programming and impactful exhibits that honor California’s rich art history.”

Artist Rebeca Méndez returns to Art & Nature as a featured artist with her new project The Sea Around Us, which will debut in the museum’s historic Steele Gallery on November 5.

The sea around us, 2022. Rebeca Méndez

The Sea Around Us is an immersive 360-degree video art installation that visually transports viewers to an area of ​​the Pacific Ocean 30 miles off the coast of Laguna Beach. It depicts the ocean as a fully animated body as well as a place of deep interdependence for all living beings.

The installation uses scientific footage, the video cuts to thousands of barrels seeping DDT on the sea floor being sampled by robotic arms.

“This hidden ecological calamity is revealed in conjunction with images that inspire awe and strengthen the bond between the sea and the viewer, inspiring courage to confront environmental harms, take restorative action and avoid repeating the transgressions against our natural resources”, according to Méndez. .

This is the first outdoor exhibition since 2020.

The museum will feature Kelly Berg’s Pyramidion in the town of Laguna Beach from November 3-6.

Pyramidion is an interactive sculptural experience inviting contemplation of the multi-layered history and unique geology of Laguna Beach. Starting at the museum, participants will travel to several sites through the local park and beaches, encountering pyramids of varying sizes and colors that reflect the ever-changing nature of the landscape. The temporality of the installation parallels much of the earth’s landscapes which shift and change due to weather, geology and the effects of climate change.

The exhibit will remain at the California Gallery from November 3 and will be The Big One by Robert Young, who still holds the record for the largest painting ever created in Laguna Beach.

As a resident of Laguna Beach, Young began his 9ft by 15ft painting in 1971 and continued to work on the piece throughout his life.

Additional Art & Nature Festival programming includes the First Thursdays Art Walk, a keynote lecture by National Geographic Society Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, and the free annual Family Festival.

Continuing Laguna Beach’s legacy as a center for the arts, Art & Nature offers a unique opportunity for the Southern California community to come together for a festival of art and ideas, inspiring artists and d enhance appreciation of nature as a place that inspires awareness. on the environment we share.

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