The MPU Seniors Academy organizes an art exhibition featuring the works of teachers and students

MACAU, May 28 – Organized by the Macao Polytechnic University Seniors Academy Students Union and co-hosted by MPU Seniors Academy (ACS), the opening of the 2021 Art Exhibition/ 2022 of the MPU Seniors Academy of Teachers and Students was recently held at the Lam Kan Exhibition Gallery of MPU. Many guests were invited to officiate and the scene was lively.

A total of 82 pieces of Chinese painting, calligraphy, Western painting, seal carving and digital photography as well as the works of 5 teachers were exhibited. General Secretary of MPU Ms. Lei Vai Fong, Dean of ACS Dr. Lam Wan Mei, Professor of Chinese Painting Mr. Kuan Kun Cheong, Professor of Calligraphy Mr. Lei Kam Wa, Professor of Western Painting Ms. Poon Cam Mei, Professor of Cutting of seals Mr. Cho Sai Keung, Mr. Pedro Fu, professor of digital photography, and Ms. Lao Sio To, president of the Student Union of ACS, were invited to officiate the inauguration ceremony of the exhibition .

During his speech at the opening ceremony, Dr. Lam Wan Mei first congratulated all participating teachers and students, and was also delighted to include the digital photography class from ACS Taipa campus to participate in the exhibition for the first time. This exhibition presented various works of art with rich content, which were led by the guidance and encouragement of teachers. Dr. Lam expressed his gratitude to the ACS Student Association and teachers for their great efforts in putting together this exhibition, providing students with a great opportunity to create learning memories. Dr. Lam hopes that through this exhibition, more people in society can better understand the achievements of educating the elderly, thereby attracting more elderly people to apply for ACS. Dr. Lam said that ACS students and alumni have been spreading their footprints in various competitions and exhibitions in Macau, and she hopes to see more great student work in the future. ACS Student Union President Ms. Lao Sio To said that the aim of this annual exhibition is for students to learn from each other by observing works of art, in order to inspire students, broaden their horizons and improve their level of creation. The students also thanked the teachers’ advice with excellent results.

The exhibition will be held from May 24 to 30, 2022 at MPU’s Lam Kan Exhibition Gallery. All interested parties are welcome. In order to comply with the Macao SAR Government Health Bureau’s epidemic prevention guidelines, all visitors must wear their face masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a valid “location QR code” (also called “place code”) and “Macau Health Code” of the day.

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